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This is our 9th tournament season at Catfish Nation Outdoors will host over 33 tournament events that are open to anyone who enjoys catfishing. We will visit 3 different states ending with a Chapter championship tournament for each chapter,

In the past 8 years we have hosted over 290 tournaments and events, paid out over $250,000 in cash and prizes and each years has gotten better then the last. Our outlook for the 2014 season is way better then anything we have had in the past, and growning more every week.

Our tournaments are set up for the weekend anglers to enjoy, and the friendship within our club is second to none. We hope to see many new faces this season and the return of some old ones as well.

Thanks to our Sponsors who without your help we would be just another small club we wish to thank you for stepping up and we will always be there for you when needed. Check out those companies on the right side of every page who has help bring the Catfish Nation Outdoors to you and anyone who loves the outdoors.

Upcoming Tournaments
Feb - May will be Saturday 8 am - 4 pm

15 Potomac River , Ft Washington (MD)
1 Potomac River , Ft Washington (MD)
8 Potomac River, Whites Ferry (WV)
15* Potomac River , Ft Washington (MD)
22 Potomac River , Snyders Landing (WV)
29 Susquehanna River, City Island (PA)
5 Potomac River, Whites Ferry (WV)
Wounded Warrior Event
19 Potomac River , Ft Washington (MD)
26 Susquehanna River, Goldsboro (PA)
3 Potomac River, Snyders Landing (WV)
17 Susquehanna River, Goldsboro (PA)
31 Potomac River, Whites Ferry (WV)